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Call Us: 201.303.0534

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ZenSpace Center for Dance & Wellness

Moves Like Buddha

The Skinny:

Hoboken-based wellness studio, ZenSpace Center for Dance & Wellness, offers a distinctive option for physical and emotional healing, the Zen philosophy manifested through dance.

The Krispy:

“If I’m not dancing from my ego then where am I dancing from?” That’s the question ZenSpace founder Kristen Mangione asked herself years ago while struggling as an overworked dance artist in NYC. Then following the referral of a fellow dancer, Kristen was introduced to Zen practices and the crumbles of new vitality took shape. Gifted through Zen philosophy with a shifted perspective and reconceptualized mission in life as an artist and a healer, ZenSpace Studios was conceived with the pioneering notion of meditation through dance. Unoccupied with futile desires of vindication, ZenSpace is dedicated to sharing Kristen’s artistry and helping others heal by redirecting energy in motion. Dance meditation is aimed at helping to shift one’s consciousness and allowing them to reconnect with their bodies, rediscovering a part of themselves they may have long forgotten.


The Voice:

ZenSpace intends to help you reconnect with your artistry, the part of yourself you may have shut down. To reclaim your true authentic self-expression.”

-Kristen Mangione, Founder, ZenSpace

The Reach:

450 7th St LL2
Hoboken, NJ 07030
(201) 526-4117




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