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Call Us: 201.303.0534

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Leather Head Sports

Where Passion, Art & Activity Mix

The Skinny:

Beautiful vintage-style sporting goods and balls that are built with fine leather and handcrafted with passion and style. They can be admired as art but they are meant to inspire play and physical activity.

The Krispy:

It’s not hard to see how Leather Head founder Paul Cunningham developed a love for sports. Having been born and raised in the birthplace of baseball, Cooperstown, New York, Cunningham was consumed by the game from an early age. He followed this passion through college by playing baseball for Drew University and later into his career as a photo editor for Major League Baseball. Cunningham eventually took his sports knowledge and combined it with his passion for leather crafting to create Leather Head Sports. Featuring products ranging from baseballs to rugby balls, each item is hand crafted with genuine leather spewing, giving all Leather Head goods unique durability and character. Ultimately, Leather Head doesn’t view their balls simply as a piece of necessary sports equipment. Rather, each item is seen as a sculptural artifact infused with beautiful leather. Their exceptional design has led their products to be featured in multiple GQ spreads, one in which Lebron James holds a Leather Head basketball and another with Dak Prescot holding a Leather Head football. But don’t be fooled by their vintage appearance. These balls are not just for show. The goal behind all Leather Head products is to inspire play. Thanks to their authentic leather structure, Leather Head balls give the feel of bygone era, a classic texture made for modern hands. Each piece is unique and encourages movement, developing distinctive characteristics the more you toss ‘em around.

The Voice:

“I create our products through an artistic lens, they are truly a stylistic expression, but more than anything these balls are meant to be played with.”

-Paul Cunningham, Founder Leather Head Sports

The Reach:

536 S. Broad St.
Glen Rock New Jersey
(201) 857-0443





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