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Quantum Wellness

The Sound Of Healing

The Skinny:

Board-certified Vibrational Sound Therapist and Accredited Hypnotherapist gaining inspiration from science and quantum physics rather than Sabrina wiggling her finger.

The Krispy:

Many believe that sound therapy is no more than your earthy yoga instructor making soothing sounds with a primeval-looking bowl, however, Quantum Wellness proves it is far more involved and far more rewarding. As one of the only certified vibrational sound therapists in the United States, along with an academic background in quantum physics and psychology, founder T Love(yes, legal name) is uniquely qualified and reputable in the field of sound and energy therapy. The practice aims to invoke energy, resonating each frequency with a specific part of the body to elevate it toward complete harmony. Whether used in combination with traditional medicine for serious life-altering ailments or towards an overall desire for heightened well-being, when this state is reached, the therapy may not only initiate the healing process but accelerate it. With testimonials featuring proclamations declaring the influence energy and sound therapy have had in curing conditions such as, warts, shingles and even cancer, Quantum Wellness offers a unique approach to healing that patrons may not find elsewhere or with traditional methods alone. It’s not Bewitched, it’s legit.

The Voice:

“I will not heal you. I have never healed anybody except myself. I will, however, invoke energy so that you can heal yourself.”

– T Love, Founder, Quantum Wellness

The Reach:



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