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Call Us: 201.303.0534

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WHOS Gluten Free

Dietarily Inclusive, Creatively Encouraged.

The Skinny:

A tasty local hub that is passionate about offering delicious gluten-free foods and committed to promoting creativity and wellbeing in its local community.

The Krispy:

Anyone with the guttural sensitivity can tell you, gluten intolerance is a nuance. It is uncomfortable and dietarily constricting. There is almost always dread when dining out and glancing at a menu, knowing instinctively that there is going to be a painful lack of gluten-free options. Steph Wong knows firsthand the challenges of eating gluten-free. As a former production manager for a creative communications company, she was always on the road, spending too much time searching hotel and airport menus for gluten-free options. Her solution? She founded WHOS Gluten Free—a bakeshop and eatery with a twist that goes beyond offering gluten-free sweets and snacks. WHOS takes gluten-free food alternatives to the next level by offering baked goodies, breakfast staples such as pancakes and waffles, sandwiches and even pizza. More than just food, WHOS is equally committed to connecting to and supporting its community by emphasizing local ingredients and promoting and hosting area events. This community support also means creating a welcoming space for locals to express their artistic talents and learn new skills, such as yoga or painting, through frequent donation-based classes.

The Voice:

“We wanted to create a welcoming space where you can feel comfortable eating and encouraged to create.”
– Steph Wong, Founder WHOS Gluten Free

The Reach:

483 NJ-17 S, Paramus, NJ 07652
(201) 654-1266




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