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Call Us: 201.303.0534

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Valley Integrative Pharmacy

Traditional & Alternative, Compounded

The Skinny:

A pharmacy on a mission to empower patients by integrating traditional pharmaceutical practices with alternative modalities to meet their unique demands and enhance their wellbeing.

The Krispy:

Armed with a multifarious staff that includes traditional and holistic pharmacists, certified pharmacy technicians and clinical nutritionists, Valley Integrative Pharmacy offers a wide array of curative options. It also enlists the services of a naturopathic physician and homeopath as part of its healing arsenal. A staple offering of the pharmacy is its compounding ability. The prescription compounding method is equal parts beneficial and artistic. The process involves designing specific drug formulations tailored to the therapeutic needs of each patient. The process blends non-commercially available drugs for a unique effect, pairing specific and specially designated dosages to aid pain management, pediatric care, wound and scar soothing, and even veterinary support. The pharmacy’s various functional health programs include Vibrant Wellness America, focusing on analyzing gut health and is impact on the body, Medical Thermography, a screening tool for monitoring a women’s breast health, and nutrient, metabolic and hormone analysis from Spectracell Laboratories.Valley Integrative has even teamed up with cancer mentor Kirstin Nussgruber to offer a supplemental and nutritional program for patients undergoing cancer treatment.

The Voice:

“It’s a place where people are encouraged to become proactive, become responsible for their own progress. Valley Integrative gives them the availability to use this information and these techniques, in conjunction with traditional methods, for the best possible treatment for each distinctive individual.”

– Kirstin Nussgruber, Nutritional Consultant & Cancer Mentor

The Reach:

75 Washington Valley Rd, Bedminster, NJ 07921
(908) 658-4900




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