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Morris Township Turkey Trot

A Thankful Strut That Gives Back

Turkey Trot

The Skinny:

Festive 5K held every Thanksgiving in Morris Township to raise money to help battle widespread hunger and succor adult literacy in the community.

The Krispy:

Now in its 13th year, the Morris Township Turkey Trot has risen to include approximately 3,000 runners annually, all helping to raise funds and awareness to battle adult illiteracy and food scarcity. Organized by the Literacy Volunteers of Morris County, the Trot provides a wholesome and fun outlet that allows the whole family to give back on Thanksgiving morning. One of the Trot’s goals is to help eradicate the largely unrecognized problem of adults in America today who struggle to read, write and speak English fluently. This crippling problem nationally affects an estimated 32 million people to some degree, undermining their self-esteem, hampering their ability to find decent work and limiting their professional and personal prospects. A large portion of the funds raised by the Turkey Trot go directly to support erasing any related stigma by providing each individual student in the Morris Township program with a mentor who delivers specialized attention that guides them to develop the particular skills they need. The program and its mentors even help student achieve their life goals once they’ve gained English literacy. The Trot also supports Interfaith Food Pantry, an organization that annually provides fresh food and health information to thousands of local individuals in need. Show your thanks for the opportunities and resources often taken for granted by strolling down to the Morris Township Turkey Trot. Registration is just $10 for children and $30 for adults. You can make a difference with a few small steps.

The Voice:

“With support from the community, the Trot gives families an opportunity to spend Thanksgiving morning helping others while also getting some exercise before the big meal.”

– Debbie Leon, Executive Director, Literacy Volunteers of Morris County

Turkey Trot

The Reach:

When: November 28th 2019
Where: 50 Woodland Ave Morris Township, New Jersey
(908) 245-3000




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