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Highway 2 Well

Health Deliver To Your Door

Highway 2 Well

The Skinny:

HTW is a food delivery and wellness program that specializes in plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free products.

The Krispy:


Started by former attorney and current health coach Tara Roscioli, Highway 2 Well initially focused on helping people develop kinder and gentler lifestyles by improving their diets and overall wellness through evidence-based nutritional products and advice. Roscioli’s plan quickly evolved into a unique meal delivery service in New Jersey and New York that works with customers to identify the foods and goods that suit their individual needs. Balance not denial
is the program’s central tenant, allowing clients to improve their health without sacrificing celebratory sweets or nights out. Think birthday cakes at parties and having a night-out drink with friends.

The Voice:

“People always think it’s strange, a health coach supporting drinking. Well, we’re encouraging alcohol but we realize that most of our clients are going to drink anyway so why not just take responsibility and create recipes for them so they can indulge in a healthier fashion.”
– Tata Roscioli, Founder, Highway To Well

The Reach:

10 E Willow St Millburn, New Jersey
(201) 259-6976




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