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The Skinny

Getting straight information on what ails you, what’s safe and sound or how to get and stay healthy isn’t always easy. Too many sites and information sources, no matter how well meaning, are burdened with their own biases. Others are simply inaccurate or, unfortunately, downright deceptive, especially if they have a financial interest in a product or service. That’s why it’s good to doublecheck information on products or services via reputable sources. Even here, opinions may vary, but at least these sources will try to deliver straight information. WellWell has put together a handy reference list on where to start.


The Slate

Mayo Clinic

World-renowned, this institution not only breaks down information on diseases and conditions, it also provides a comprehensive “Treatment Decisions” section and Q&A section called “Ask a Specialist,” along with other “Health Tools.”

Medline Plus

MedlinePlus is there to provide information on the latest treatments, drugs or supplements, and straightforward medical definitions, as well as links to research, articles and even healthy recipes.

LabTests Online

A great source for information on clinical lab testing. A non-commercial resource, it helps visitors understand lab reports and how they work.


FamilyDoctor.org is designed to provide reliable health information for all ages that is easily understood. It also provides specific content for children and teens.

The National Institute Of Health

The NIH is a heavyweight for funding for medical research globally. It also hosts a high-quality medical information site.

NIH of Dietary Supplements

A great source for information on nutrition and dietary supplements. All information is ad-free and scientifically verified.


Focused on publishing information on human health, the site supports medical professionals and patients with clear insights on a range of related topics.


A comprehensive source of straight information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs.

Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC)

A trusted source of information on disease-related issues, best practices and emerging vaccines. The site also provides information and advice on healthy living and emergency preparedness.


WellWell is, of course, another source of accessible news and information that is redefining the concepts of living well and feeling good. It offers a range of insights and information on traditional and alternative approaches to fitness, nutrition, emotional support, medical treatments, body care, unique services and products, exercise, social engagement nature and the environment, mature health concerns, child development and more.


Eyes Up

What’s your go-to source for health and wellness information? Let us know at info@wellwellusa.com.





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