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Wrap Up Holiday Shopping & Save

WellWell’s Gift List Is Here

WellWell's holiday gift guide

The Skinny 

The holidays are here and so are the pressures to find the right presents and stocking stuffers. WellWell can help with great feelgood gift ideas from our affiliate partners that are right for young and old. These suggestions all come with special discounts for our visitors. Like something on the list? Make sure to use the supplied links along with any special codes to get your purchases at a discount. Want more suggestions? Visit the WellWell website and join the WellWell-Being community. It’s free.  

The Slate 

Heaven On Main Street 

If all-natural make-up and skin care face and body products are on your list, then a stop at Heaven on Main Street should be on your agenda. This Catskills-based shop offers a wide range of products and WellWell visitors get 15% off on all-natural cream blushes.  

Visit Heaven on Main Street and use code WellWell15 at checkout.  

Rooftree Massage Gun 

Need to chill after the holiday crush? Rooftree’s professional massage gun is a great way to get started. It is cited as the world’s first massage gun with metal massage heads. In case anyone is wondering, percussion therapy is believed to deliver faster relaxation and recovery. WellWell visitors receive a whopping 70% discount. 

Visit Rooftrees and use code SAVE70 at checkout.


This company’s resistance-based equipment activates and strengthens a complete range of muscles, adding strength, tone and energy to each user’s daily life. The process makes everyday activities easier by improving balance, posture and stability.  WellWell visitors enjoy 15% off p.volve’s Essentials Kit. 

Visit p.volve and use code Well15 at checkout. 


Give someone the gift of relaxation and less pain this holiday through iReliev’s menu of intelligently designed products, which include massage devices, heating pads, cold therapy programs and TENS + EMS systems. WellWell visitors enjoy a 15% discount on various products.  

Visit iReliev and use code Well15 at check out. 


If safety comes first for loved ones, whether they are walking, biking or running at night, then theLEDfoot safety clip lights are a perfect stocking stuffer. The clips are easy to attach to bikes, running shoes, wrists, ankles and even pet collars and they give off a clear signal to cars, motorcycles and bikers that children, runners, walkers and pets are about or on the street. WellWell visitors receive 15% off one pair.  

Visit theLEDfoot and use code WellWell15 at checkout.  

Simply Straws 

Traditional drinking straws are becoming an ecological disaster for the environment and many animals. Want to help save both? These reusable, sustainable straws are one way to help. Buy a bunch and stick them in everyone’s stockings. Spend $40 to receive free shipping.  

Visit Simply Straws. 

Grateful Earth Coffee 

This coffee won’t just help you wake up in the morning, it may get you feeling and thinking better. Grateful Earth Coffee serves up brain-healthy coffee with the power of adaptogens, superfoods and natural nootropics. WellWell visitors receive a 10% discount. 

Visit Grateful Earth Coffee and use code GRTFL10. 


Creative craft gifts and stocking stuffers for kids of all ages are just a click away when you visit OOLY. The company offers complete project kits that will stimulate the creative juices of any child, while also offering a full menu of art, coloring and drawing tools, as well as other fun stuff. WellWell visitors enjoy 15% off the first order upon email signup. 

Visit OOLY. 


Everyone needs more relaxation and better sleep patterns, and Muse helps deliver on these promises through its brain-sensing headbands that use real-time biofeedback to help users refocus, relax and sleep better. WellWell visitors enjoy up to 20% off various products during Muse’s holiday sale.   

Visit Muse. 


Helping a loved one see better is a gift that keeps on giving long after the holiday season ends. Individual Vision Plans (VPS) is a great way to help them do just that while saving hundreds of dollars annually on eye examinations, lenses and frames. VSP members even get an extra $40 off select frames.   

Visit VPS. 

Eyes Up 

What’s your goto holiday gift? Let us know at info@wellwellusa.com. 

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