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Healthy Fur Baby Holiday Gifts

Dogs & Cats Need Presents Too

Healthy Fur Baby Holiday Gifts

The Skinny 

Let’s not forget our faithful and loving pets when it comes to the holidays. And really, who could? But what do you give the dog or cat that has everything? Don’t worry, WellWell has some ideas for our furry friends that will keep them healthy, make them happy and have them looking great.  

The Slate 

Fabulous Fur 

Help spruce up your pooch with these products that will clean and refresh a dog’s coat. It will also have them smelling great. Better still, these products are made with clean ingredients and beneficial botanicals; contain no sulfates, parabens, silicones or dyes, and have a great natural coconut scent. They are especially made for dogs that shed regularly, such as Corgi’s, German shepherds, Frenchies, retrievers and Chihuahuas. 

Petnet Smart Feeder 

Running late and worried that your cat or dog will go unfed? Stop. Petnet’s Smart Feeder can help. Just download the app, stock up the feeder and meals can be dispensed remotely with just a click of a button. The feeder just doesn’t dish out food, it also helps recommend what and how much to feed a pet based on its age, weight and activity level. It can even dish out raw dog food. Here’s a list of the raw dog food that can be used. 

PAWS Wooly Snuffle Mat 

Lots of dogs live to eat, they’re natural foragers always prowling for their next meal. Wooly Snuffle Mat is a great way to keep this urge under control or at least pre-empt a garbage can attack. It mentally stimulates a dog by having them sniff through a tangle of fabric full in order to find hidden treats.  

WickedBone Smart Bone 

Wickedbone is a great way to keep any dog active when its owner is tied up. This interactive dog toy effectively plays with a pup by jumping away when your pup chases it. It even teases a pooch when they stop playing with it. Smart Bone also has twelve different responsive modes to entice your fur friend no matter their mood. 


ThunderShirt is the answer for sensitive or anxious pets. The weighted vest applies constant gentle pressure on the pet’s body that helps soothe fear and anxiety in stressful situations. Think fireworks or traveling. It comes in different sizes and colors and is available for both cats and dogs.  

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel 

Athletic cat breeds such as Bengals, Savannahs, Siamese, spotted, and leopard cats seem to love this exercise wheel. It is a great outlet for their excess energy, which in turn can help curb destructive behavior. It can also help them lose weight.  

EZ Mount Pet Perch 

This pet perch is ideal for cats who just love to bask in the sun, watch birds outside or simply like to hang out. Incredibly sturdy, it holds up to 100 pounds, which therefore means it can handle a really chunky kitty. The bed cover comes off and is machine washable for easy cleaning, which is a nice bonus.  

PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser 

Cats are natural hunters that love a challenge, which is where this laser comes in. It tests their hunting and jumping skills. It’s automatic mode will even keep a cat entertained and active for up to 15 minutes.  

Eyes Up 

Got a favorite holiday gift for the fur baby in your life? Let us know at info@wellwellusa.com.


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