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Call Us: 201.303.0534

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WoofGang Dog Training

Stay Pawsitive

Woof Gang Dog Training

The Skinny:

Based on research-proven best practices and compassion-driven action, WoofGang Dog Training aims to help dogs and their owners connect deeply to the benefit of both.

The Krispy:

Woof Gang Dog Training

Dogs are bonded to their owners, through love and reliance. They also depend on their owners to teach them how to exist in the world and how to see it. When a dog gazes lovingly at their owner and the owner looks back, chances are both feel whole. WoofGang was established to curate this bond by tenderly curbing a dog’s behavior and encouraging sound development. Dogs are nonjudgmental and WoofGang founder Laura Garber reciprocates this trust by believing no dog is too far gone to save and mend. By understanding the various atypical benefits of owning a dog, such as an owner’s decreasing stress and anxiety, promoting exercise and healthier life habits, and enhancing their mental comfort, WoofGang understands why it is so important the need to treat dogs with knowing care.

The Voice:

“There are two core methods of dog training, through inspiration and through fear. I believe it is just as effective and more humane to train inspiringly rather than fearfully.”
– Laura Garber, Founder WoofGang Dog Training


The Reach:

19 Hillcrest Ave, Collingswood NJ
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