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Women Supporting Women

Jersey Strong Women

The Skinny:

All female health and fitness team primarily located in Northern New Jersey, whose membership welcomes all women regardless of age, ability or experience.

The Krispy:

Becoming an athlete, especially for women, can be intimidating. Inspired by the idea of reversing this notion, Jersey Women Strong created an atmosphere that strives to echo a women’s comfort zone to help generate a level of ease. What was started as a program for beginners’ first 5k race has now evolved into Northern New Jersey’s largest all women running and sports club. Now offering weekly coached workouts, nutrition and fitness education and training for marathons and triathlons, Jersey Women Strong has become so much more than just a running group.Jersey Strong Women Bikers Run

The Voice:

“We’ve created a group based on inclusion and positivity, women supporting women.”
– Dana Anello White, Founder and Head Coach

Jersey Women Strong

The Reach:

78 Wyckoff Ave Waldwick, New Jersey
(201) 560-8640




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