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The Great Pumpkin Train

All Aboard Autumn

The Great Pumpkin Train

The Skinny:

Blow your kid’s mind by helping them discover that pumpkins don’t grow in supermarkets, but in fields through a trip on the picturesque Great Pumpkin Train that will deliver them to a natural pumpkin patch that’s ripe for the plucking.

The Krispy:

Pumpkin carving is a staple of the Halloween season, however, buying these autumn plants (officially known as Cucurbita pepo) is often less than festive. It can also be downright expensive to insipidly pluck one from buckets at supermarkets, delis or outside strip malls. Thankfully, there is a better and more natural way to connect to these big yellow Halloween icons. The Great Pumpkin Train in Philipsburg will take you and your family on a scenic 45-minute ride across the Delaware River. Upon arriving at a lovely clearing in front of the century-old

Carpentersville Lime Kilns, each child can pick their own personal pumpkin at no additional cost. Children and adults can also enjoy a corn maze, mystery games to exercise their brain cells, and mining for gemstones in the Ol’ Susquehanna Mine. FYI: Find any and they are yours to keep. Bottom line, if you’re looking for a fun and cost-effective way of picking pumpkins this year, it’s the Great Pumpkin Train, Charlie Brown.

The Voice:

“What a hoot—a great train ride, pumpkin picking and a chance to mine for gemstones. I’d recommend everyone get onboard.”
–Vona Thomas

The Reach:

100 Elizabeth St. Phillipsburg, New Jersey
(877) 872-4674




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