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Staci Smith

The nose can sniff out danger

The Proboscis’s Life-Saving Power

By John Salak –   The nose apparently knows, especially when danger is lurking about.   Researchers at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute have discovered that the central nervous system of people and other mammals is able to judge when a smell represents danger

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kidney-boosting foods

Eight Ways To Boost Kidney Health

The Skinny  Kidneys too often get overlooked. That’s a dangerous mistake because these organs do a lot to help keep everyone operating at peak efficiency. They remove waste and extra water from the blood

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Thankful For The Boost

By Sean Zucker – Thanksgiving is nothing if not a memorable day. For some, they’ll reminisce about the huge meal or full slate of NFL action. Others will look back

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Are Alexa and Siri teaching our children to be rude?

Alexa Apparently Isn’t All Powerful

By John Salak –   Too many people are probably talking too much to robots or as they’re known in the trade, conversational agents, such as Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri. It’s bad enough that adults are constantly

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