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Staci Smith

Melanoma often surfaces on parts of the body not exposed to UV rays making it harder to detect.

Shining A Light on Melanoma

By John Salak – Melanoma may be the rarest form of skin cancer, accounting for just one percent of all cases, but it can pack a deadly wallop. In fact, Medical News Today reports the

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Tiny microbes releasing toxic gas stinks were responsible for the biggest extinction in history. 

What A Stinking Extinction

By John Salak – Almost everyone has experienced this unhappy and kind of nauseating realization sitting on a subway, maybe hanging out at a ballgame or simply getting way too

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Best dog breeds for mature adults

Fur Babies For Matures

The Skinny  We love our pooches. In fact, 70 percent of U.S. households now have a dog, an all-time record. Mature adults especially love their dogs with about 55 percent of people 50

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Artificial intelligence (AI) Aids Medical Prognoses

The AI Doctor Is In

By John Salak – At least tens of millions of individuals worldwide may rely increasingly on artificial intelligence (AI) applications to predict their near-term risk of dementia, cardiac arrest and even death, according to a series of independent

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