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How Healthy Are You?

Mature Health

Mid-Life Sex Crisis

By Sean Zucker – Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are not reserved for the young and reckless. CNN reports that a recent survey found people over 45 years of age are

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Muscling Up With Age

By John Salak – Hair isn’t the only thing that tends to disappear with age. Muscle mass also kind of evaporates as the years roll on. Maybe it’s inevitable –

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Dying For Help

Losing someone close is terribly difficult, especially if they were suffering for some time with their ailment. But the impact can also be pretty hard for caregivers, the ones who

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A Sip In Time

By John Salak – Well here’s some good news for middle-aged and older adults who enjoy a little wine or an occasional dram of liquor. The University of Georgia has

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factors such as your environment and community play a significant role in living a longer life

Want To See 100?

By John Salak – Think your genes are the prime factors determining how long you’ll live? Think again. Scientists at Washington State University’s Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine just

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Weighty Aging Issues

By John Salak – Age and added weight matter. They just kind of go together for virtually everyone like Mick Jagger and Richard Simmons. Extra weight is not a good

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Adequate Sleep Builds Good Health

The Weight Of Aging

By John Salak – It’s tough getting older. Chances are you’re a little slower, it takes longer to loosen up, there are various minor aches and pains and then there

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