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Women’s Health

The nose can sniff out danger

The Proboscis’s Life-Saving Power

By John Salak –   The nose apparently knows, especially when danger is lurking about.   Researchers at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute have discovered that the central nervous system of people and other mammals is able to judge when a smell represents danger

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Brazilian Butt Lift problems

No Butts About It

By John Salak – The Brazilian Butt Lift, a medical procedure that reshapes a woman’s posterior, harkens all sorts of images and discussions about what is right, wrong and troubling

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obesity death rate

Dying For Dinner

 By John Salak – This is definitely an unhealthy balancing act. While there is reason to cheer declining deaths attributed to smoking, casualties tied to obesity and excess body fat

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best foods with iron

Battle Iron Deficiency

The Skinny Iron makes you strong, right? Well, sort of. More importantly, getting enough iron in a diet makes a person healthy in the body and mind. Unfortunately, there are

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Closing The Gender Gap

On January 20th, the United States inaugurated its first female Vice President. It represented a huge step forward towards gender equality. Of course, it took 225 years to happen. Chances

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One Troubling Midlife Moment

All women eventually will experience menopause and with it comes emotional and physical consequences that dwarf anything a man with declining testosterone may encounter. Beyond menopause itself, the process leading

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Sleepless In Everywhere?

By John Salak – Too many people suffer from sleepless nights at any time. The pandemic, to probably no one’s surprise, has only made things worse. In fact, a study

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