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Powerful Feelgood Black-Owned Businesses

A Growing Legion Makes Its Mark

Black and African American-owned businesses working to help people live healthier lives

The Skinny 

The contribution of Black entrepreneurs and consumers in the U.S. is significant if overlooked. Black History Month, therefore, is a perfect time for WellWell to focus more deeply on the impact these individuals have on health-related industries and services.

Exact numbers are always tough to secure and perhaps not entirely reliable. McKinsey & Company, for example, reports that Black households account for about 10 percent of total U.S. spending on goods and services. The U.S. Census Bureau adds that there are almost 135,000 Black and African American-owned businesses in the U.S., which amounts to about 40 percent of all minority-owned businesses. These Black and African American-owned business generated almost $135 billion in annual receipts and employ about 1.3 million people in 2020.

Digging a bit deeper reveal that these businesses are deeply focused on wellness products and services, as almost 30 percent (39,705) are in the Healthcare and Social Assistance sector, according to the Census Bureau. While interesting, statistics alone just scratch the surface when it comes to understanding the positive impact Black and African American-owned businesses are having on people.

WellWell has pulled together some interesting examples of the differences that are being made by highlighting just a few of the businesses working to help all people live better, healthier lives. We’ve also provided other published sources that identify even more examples of Black and African American-owned businesses in this sector. Read on.

The Slate

Loveland Foundation

Loveland supports healing in communities of color, especially for Black women and girls through a variety of therapy support initiatives, listening tours, residency programs and more.

PUR Home

A leader in home cleaning products, PUR Home specializes in non-toxic cleaning products that are environmentally safe.

A Dozen Cousins

Cousins promote traditional Black and Latino foods via a product line of natural rice and beans supported by related recipes.

Oui the People

Dedicated to providing healthy shaving and skincare products for women, Oui the People offers a wide range of healthy goods.

Clinify Health

This group supports improving healthcare while lowering operational costs by working with various groups to apply analytics and best-case practices.

StartUp Health

StartUp Health invests in transformative initiatives by helping them promote their achievements in order to drive critical healthcare services where they are needed most.

Reel Paper

This company is committed to environmentally responsible action through the use of its Reel Paper toilet rolls, which are biodegradable and made with 100 percent tree fibers.

Black Girls Run

BGR looks to motivate Black women to practice a healthy lifestyle, while also serving as a fitness resource for gym rats and experienced runners as well as those women looking to embrace a healthier lifestyle.


Muniq produces a line of shakes that help steady blood sugar levels, improve gut health, strengthen immune systems and support weight loss.

Berhan Company

This company specializes in promoting and selling teff, an ancient gluten-free, nutrient-packed grain grown in the Ethiopian Highlands.

Brown Girl Jane

Brown Girl Jane is responsible for a line of plant-based fragrances, supplements and skin care products designed to support a wellness routine.


Powerhandz specializes in athletic and rehabilitation tech products designed to improve athletic performance, enhance fitness and support patient recovery.

Black Girl in Om

BGIO offers curated content and experiences to help Black women through spiritual awakenings, consciousness shifts and intergenerational healing.

Humble Bloom

Humble Bloom is a cannabis immersive education and advocacy platform that works with individuals and related companies.

Ethel’s Club

An online wellness platform. Ethel’s Club connects people of color to a range of health and wellness practitioners and services.


For more information on other Black-owned businesses, please check out the following links:

Eyes Up 

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