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For The Love Of Valentine’s Day

Nine Healthy Gift Options

Nine Healthier Valentine's Day Gifts That Say I Love You

The Skinny 

Let’s address the dark side of Valentine’s Day first. Its origin can be traced back to ancient Rome when Claudius II martyred an individual, possibly a priest, named Valentine because he performed marriages against the emperor’s orders. At least that’s one explanation, although the Catholic Church notes there are three different people named Valentine or Valentinus who were all killed and later became saints. Regardless, St. Valentine’s Day probably was created to mark the death of one of these martyrs. Pretty dark, huh?

The concept lightens a bit with age. About a thousand years later, the French and English started centering in on a more romantic connection, noting that mid-February is the beginning of the mating season for birds so why not extend the notion that love is in the air to St. Valentine’s Day. It worked to an extent, but of course Hallmark, Fannie Farmer, Whitman Samplers and 1-800-Flowers hadn’t fully formed yet when the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer knocked out Parliament of Foules in 1375. So, the full-blown, commercial treatment of the day really didn’t take hold until the beginning of the 20th Century when printed cards began to replace handwritten notes of affection.

Since then, good old-fashioned unbridled marketing and consumerism have taken hold, leading to tons after tons of chocolates, among other things, being exchanged every February 14. Now, there is nothing wrong with chocolate, but a lot of the items in your average Valentine’s box can be pretty, well, off-putting. Plus, how much chocolate can anyone person eat? That’s where WellWell comes in again. No, please don’t send the staff any half-eaten or uneaten chocolates. Instead, we’re offering up some healthier, non-gooey gift options that still say I love you.

The Slate

Get Cookin’ Together

Food and treats can still be front and center for Valentine’s Day, especially if your significant other loves good food or to cook. With that in mind, why not sign up for a series of online healthy cooking classes. The idea isn’t to create more work for anyone, but rather more enjoyment and better health. Better still, sign up for classes as a couple. Learning together can help strengthen your relationship and solidify your bond. Healthy cooking classes are available everywhere, but Happy Belly Fish is a good place to start looking.

Yonanas Deluxe Frozen Treat Maker

Food treats don’t have to be a no-go for Valentine’s Day. Yonanas provides one option that might just be the ticket or perhaps lead to other ideas. Its health-minded gadget turns basic produce into scrumptious frozen delights. Easy to use and quick to deliver tasty frozen goods.

Love Driven Couples Mittens

No, these are not idiot mittens for romantics. Instead, they are shareable mittens that keep you warm and connected to your big squeeze. The bottom line: No matter how cold it is outside, you’re able to hold hands with a loved one through the fabric in these mittens. Better yet, every order comes with a handcrafted card that says, “I’m Smitten! Will you share my mitten?”

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow Face Oil 

Loving lotions and notions are what’s right for some couples, which is where a product like Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow can come into play. It is great for those who really love skincare. This product moisturizes and brightens skin. It is made with wholesome ingredients like golden turmeric, ginger, raspberry, Vitamin C and primrose.

Jerky Bound Love

Suppose your stud muffin isn’t into flowers but still likes bouquets? Then again, maybe he’s a jerky aficionado. There must be some. Either way, the Exotic Meat Stick Bouquet may be in order. It includes 20 long-stemmed wild game meat sticks, decoratively wrapped and delivered. They’re tasty and healthy…and that says, love.

Massage Squared

Here’s the rub. B Corp KOA+ROY’s Wellness Massage Cube delivers a blend of plant-based butters and essential oils to ease stress, while also being able to treat sore muscles. The cube in question is an all-natural square that contains eucalyptus, mint, bergamot, and cedarwood. One side is used to release the oils, while the other side deals with the aches.

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

This stone diffuser gets essential oil scents working in the home, office or anywhere else they are needed. Offered in eight different colors, some suggest rose is perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift as it promotes creative energy and self-love.

Fruit Bouquets

Looks great and tastes great, there are a lot of options for a fruit bouquet. 1-800-Flowers and Edible Arrangements are two leaders in the field but there are others as well. Almost all offer lots of creations that are loaded with fruits and berries of all kinds. They are also delivered just as flowers would be.

Dark Chocolate

Okay, almost everyone still loves chocolate. Plus, it is synonymous with Valentine’s Day. Yet those wanting a health kick may want to focus in on dark chocolate. It is incredibly tasty, comes in different grades and is loaded with minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. That’s got to say, love.

Eyes Up 

What’s your favorite healthy Valentine’s Day gift? Let us know at info@wellwellusa.com.

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