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Adopt Don’t Buy Pets

Adopt Don’t Buy

The Skinny

Americans love their pets from dogs to cats, fish, birds, horses and reptiles. In fact, two thirds of homes in the U.S. hold a pet of some kind with the vast majority saving space for dogs and then cats. The benefits of having a pet are well documented and cover both physical and emotional gains. Unfortunately, what pet owners all too often overlook is the source of their companions, especially for their prized canine and feline friends. They opt to purchase pets instead of going to adoption centers, which are loaded with great animals waiting for loving homes. There are lots of good reasons for check out these centers and WellWell has put together a list of them.


The Slate

Saving A Life

More than one million dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States each year because they live in overcrowded shelters with too few people coming in to adopt them.

Ending Puppy Mills

Adopting pets instead of going to “breeders” would go a long way toward ending the scourge of the thousands of puppy and kitten mills that now litter the U.S. Many of these facilities repeatedly impregnate dogs and cats in horrible environments so they produce puppies and kittens for sale. Getting a shelter pet not only helps save animal lives, but it also undermines these mills.

Save Money

Adopting a pet from a shelter is a low-cost option compared to buying one from a pet store or breeder. How much better? It can save thousands of dollars as buying a dog can run $5,000 or more depending on the breed. Adopting a dog might cost $200-$300.

Choosing A Pet At Any Age

Shelters provide lots of options in terms of age, breeds and temperaments. Puppies and very young dogs are available, but so are older dogs who are usually fully house trained and socialized, making bringing them into a home a lot less challenging.

Supporting A Local Charity

Adopt a pet and you’ll be helping a local non-profit on a great mission, which usually includes helping their communities control animal populations through spaying and neutering programs, ultimately reducing the number of unwanted animals.

Get A Great Buddy

All pets are loved, but rescue animals seem more grateful and loving towards their new human family than purchased pets. Chances are they’ll light up your life and you’ll light up theirs.


Eyes Up

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