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Call Us: 201.303.0534

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Plant Base

Cruelty Free, Waste Free, Care Free

The Skinny:

Offering exclusively animal-free, zero-waste products, Plant Base’s mission is to help people implement a healthier and happier lifestyle through solely plant-based and ethical foods.

The Krispy:

Dhruva LaToree and Andy Hertz met while working for a Jersey City developer, as an architect and construction manager, respectively. They immediately bonded over their shared passions for animal rights, environmental protection and nonprofit work. Already following a plant-based diet fostered by a love for all living things, the pair had a bold idea – create a market focused on zero-waste, no-meat, no-dairy products. Plant Base was born and has since thrived. The store sources freshly cooked and presents grab-and-go meals on rotating menus that change seasonally, weekly and throughout the day. With quick classics or diner-style selections for breakfast, mix-and-match items for lunch and rotating dinner options, Plant Base is on a mission to provide a constantly evolving selection of creative homemade meals and take-out options. Liquid offerings include smoothies, juices, teas and coffees – all organic and all made in-house. Other organic products include produce, homemade body care and household items, pet supplies and items from its apothecary. Operated with an eye on the community, Plant Base even holds events featuring guest speakers on nutrition, cooking classes and health workshops. The market also supports various community outreach programs to feed less Fortune, maintain community gardens and organize self-sustaining food options for schools.

The Voice:

“We wanted to make a community-based space, one that felt like a second home, to help support and offer every resource needed to live a healthy, zero waste, plant-based lifestyle.”

– Dhruva LaToree, Co-Owner of Plant Base

The Reach:

370 Pacific Ave Jersey City, NJ
(551) 256-3868





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