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Call Us: 201.303.0534

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On The Cushion Mindfulness

Zen And The Art of Corporate De-Stressing

The Skinny:

On The Cushion Mindfulness brings professional grade mindfulness to defuse stress at your home as well as where you work.

The Krispy:

When asked where the main source of stress originates, most people either say work or income (which is obviously directly tied to their occupation). That’s why On The Cushion Mindfulness brings mindfulness to the source, attempting to cut the head off our seemingly omnipresent stress snake. Armed with an array of instructors whose diverse backgrounds include practicing, designing and teaching meditation, this group brings pop-up and virtual mindfulness studios to companies, healthcare institutions and even people’s homes to help them cultivate mindful awareness practices in the very place where most of their stress is born. The payoff comes in providing company employees and others with a thorough exercise in reducing their on-the-job stress, maintaining a healthier lifestyle, becoming more productive and just getting more joy out of life whether that’s onsite or when working virtually. With underlining return for everyone is that enhancing mental health for employees raises workplace moral, reduces work time missed due to illness, and improves the wealth of the individual and his company. On The Cushion’s focus isn’t limited to work stress. It also creates personalized virtual mindfulness programs to meet the unique needs of patients managing chronic health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. These online solutions are just a click away.


The Voice:

“I believe that the most hard-working people are often also the most underserved mindfully because they may not have the time to take a class. So we wanted to bring the mindful awareness to them. And we found it benefits not only the individual but their company.”

-Shari Cherry, Founder On The Cushion Mindfulness

The Reach:

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