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Call Us: 201.303.0534

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Starseed Bakery

A Bakery With Astronomical Ambitions

The Skinny:

Retail and wholesale gluten, dairy, soy, GMO free bakery.

The Krispy:

Linda Beg’s journey towards Starseed Bakery began out of concern and opportunity. An activist against genetically-modified foods (GMOs), she recognized the demand for more trustworthy provisions. She then noticed friends and family members with varying dietary restrictions, such as gluten, dairy or soy intolerance, never being able to indulge in many of the starchier dessert options at hand. That’s when she decided to combat both issues at once. Her adventure began by baking pastries that lacked any of these harmful materials and discovered she had a hit on her hands. Six years later, Starseed is now sold in over 70 stores across the New York and New Jersey, including Shoprite, Valley Integrated Pharmacy and various natural health food stores and restaurants. By relying on carefully curated ingredients sourced from organic and local suppliers along with naturally derived colorants for frosting, the bakery is all about reliability and clarity. In fact, it posts a complete list of nutritional facts for each product it sells on the Starseed website. The bakery menu has now expanded to include treats featuring muffins, cupcakes, brownies and cookies, pies and bagels—all made to specific dietary restrictions and requests. Her work has not gone unnoticed. In 2015, Starseed won the SCORE award, an honor dedicated to retired executive service providers.

The Voice:

“We wanted to take the bakery beyond dietary restrictions and return to the basics with clean, pure ingredients without chemicals or toxins to create the most beautifully delicious option without any lingers health effects.”

Linda Beg, Founder Starseed Bakery

The Reach:

100 Hibernia Avenue Rockaway, NJ 07866
(973) 957-0500




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