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Purple Grace Exquisite Tea

Seeped With Love

The Skinny:

A brand and a person focused on providing a wide menu of eloquent, organic teas rich in quality and flavor.

The Krispy:

For over fifteen years, Purple Grace Exquisite Tea has been providing delicious and organic beautifully rendered hot and cold tea in the metropolitan area. Sold in numerous local coffee ships and supermarkets in New Jersey and New York, what separates the Purple Grace brand and helps support its longevity is its warm, personal touch. It began with Purple Grace herself when she started making tea for relatives and close friends. After an overwhelmingly positive response and lots of encouragement from virtually everyone who sampled it, she launched a commercial tea. The venture’s start embodied a grass roots, DIY style that saw her selling tea from the back of a van. What’s always been most important to the brand’s founder is quality and authenticity. This has led to a commitment to use only natural ingredients such as fresh lemons and lime juice, organic sugar, cinnamon and brewed green tea leaves. Additionally, all Purple Grace ingredients are non-GMO organic, gluten-free and feature no concentrates. With 21 flavors including favorites such as Lemon Lime Excitement, Cinnamon Grace and Green Apple Pleasure, the Purple Grace brand has gained attention and recognition, being awarded Bronze in the 2013 Beverage Forum Innovation Zone and the 2019 NJSBDC Success Award from the Rutgers Business School.

The Voice:

“I started Purple Grace in my kitchen. Boots on the ground, I physically walked my teas into stores, doing whatever it took to get my product out there because I knew the unique flavor and quality would persevere and speak for itself.”

– Purple Grace, Founder Purple Grace Exquisite Tea

The Reach:

417 W 147th St, New York, NY 10031
(973) 820-7703




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