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Scary Good Halloween Treats

Healthy Bag-Stuffin’ Options

Healthy Halloween Treats

The Skinny 

No one wants to take the fun out of Halloween—or almost no one. But it can be a bit of a guilty hassle shelling out fistfuls of candies to eager tricker treaters who are loaded with sugar, unhealthy fats and other questionable ingredients. Don’t worry. WellWell has your back and their bags. We’ve come up with some healthier alternative treats that will still bring a smile to those eager faces.  

The Slate 

Annie’s Organic Halloween Bunny Grahams  

Just because they come in the shape of bunnies doesn’t mean these seasonal treats aren’t perfect for Halloween. The chocolate and honey cookies are made with organic wheat flour and packed with 8g of whole grains. They also skip any artificial flavoring or synthetic preservatives.  

Snickers Mini Candy Bars   

Whoa. Snickers bars are healthy? Yes, if you remember there is “good fat” involved. The calorie is relatively high, but it also contains a decent amount of fiber and protein-packed peanuts. 

Justin’s Dark and Milk Peanut Butter Cups   

A great option for those looking for peanut butter candies, these treats are creamy and chocolaty, while avoiding the hydrogenated oils found in most comparable products. In addition, the company is committed to using sustainably sourced cocoa and palm oil.

Torie and Howard Organic Hard Candy 

Healthy Halloween Treats

Torie & Howard Organic Hard Candies are unique candies that come in a range of great flavors like d’anjou pear and cinnamon and pink grapefruit and Tupelo honey. They are also naturally colored with red cabbage, purple carrots, blackcurrants and apples. Since they contain no corn syrup, dairy, nuts, gluten or soy products, they also allergy safe. And, yes, they are individually wrapped.  


Hey, don’t knock pretzels as Halloween treats. They are loved and unlike more treats, they aren’t chock full of sugar. Plus, there are lots of options to choose from. Snyder’s of Hanover offers mini-bags of gluten-free pretzel sticks. Other options include Whole Foods 365 brand or cauliflower pretzels produced by From the Ground Up.  


SmashMallow is now delivering gluten free, organic marshmallows in small, treat-sized packs. In addition to skipping the use of corn syrup and artificial coloring, these treats come in a variety of flavors including cookie dough and cinnamon churro.  

YumEarth Candy   

With a name like YumEarth, it is kind of obvious the company is focused on healthy treats. Its candies are organic, top-8 allergen-free, non-GMO and are free of artificial colors and ingredients. Just for Halloween, the company is offering up offering gummies, candy corn, hard candy and lollipops. 

Eyes Up 

What’s your healthy treat alternative? Let us know at info@wellwellusa.com 




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