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What’s In Your Halloween Bag?

Probably These Seven Treats

Favorite Halloween Treats

The Skinny 

Okay, everyone has their favorite Halloween candies to give or get. But what exactly are the top choices? Well, that may be debatable, but WellWell has tried to narrow down the list by going to a variety of sources. Along the way, we’ve also provided a “nutritional” breakdown of exactly what’s in these top giveaways just so you know whether to grab another handful of those mini chocolate bars. Enjoy. 

The Slate 

Reese’s Cups   

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are loved and consumed by millions on October 31st. In fact, about 3 million pounds of these treats, usually in the form of mini pumpkins and bat shapes, are sold to give away on Halloween.  


M&M’s seem to have been around forever. One reason for this is that the makers of these traditional treats have been able to repackage them for just about every holiday, including Halloween. Yes, they are great, but they are loaded with calories, fat, sugar and such. On the positive side, they offer up a little protein, dietary fiber and a teeny pinch of calcium and iron.  


Taste and diversity have made Skittles a year-round favorite. But, of course, they are finding their way into more trick or treat bags every year. Considering that 200 million Skittles are produced every day, it probably means billions and billions of these treats are being handed out in small packs on Halloween.   


Not every Halloween candy has to be chocolate focused. That’s where Starburst (and Skittles) come into play and into bags on Halloween. They’re loved by aficionados because they have lots of great flavors (and colors) and each one is perfectly bite sized. 


Kit Kat  

Want to attract attention at Halloween? Start shelling out Kit Kats. They are a wonderful mix of chocolate and crunch, which can be given out in smaller Halloween-sized treats. And, yes, they snap perfectly when broken apart.   

Hershey Milk Chocolate  

Anyone not including a variety of mini-Hershey’s bars in their Halloween giveaways is, well, probably deeply evil. These treats come in lots of great options and are just perfect for dropping in someone’s bag.  

Candy Corn  

Here’s an editor’s note or at least a question: Does anyone really like candy corn? Apparently someone—a lot of some ones—must because this ancient treat remains a Halloween favorite with almost 1.5 million pounds of these candies sold on average every year for the holiday. To each their own.  

Eyes Up 

What’s your favorite Halloween treat to give or get? Tell us at info@wellwellusa.com 


Favorite Halloween Treats





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