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The most common addictions plaguing America

The Addiction Plague

The Skinny  Addiction is rampant in the United States. It is a compulsion or dependence that can take many forms, virtually all of them harmful to the individuals directly involved,

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Nine natural hangover remedies.

Down, Out & Hungover?

The Skinny  There is always a risk of ringing in the New Year with a little too much vigor and alcohol. What could it hurt, right? Your head, stomach, liver, various other

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Hangover Relief Au Naturel

 The Skinny WellWell isn’t recommending anyone imbibe too much this New Year’s. But let’s face it. A lot of people are going to toss a few back regardless. This year,

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A Sip In Time

By John Salak – Well here’s some good news for middle-aged and older adults who enjoy a little wine or an occasional dram of liquor. The University of Georgia has

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what are natural wines?

Natural Wines Defined

By John Salak – Sacrebleu. The French just set an official definition for natural wines, which means the government has approved a charter and all-important label designation for what is

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