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How Healthy Are You?


diet fads don't work

Watch How You Lose

The Skinny It seems like almost everyone is obsessed with losing weight and then staying of the thin side of life. No one is arguing against jettisoning extra pounds. Unwanted

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A Fresh Breath On Garlic

The Skinny Other than vampires and a few nonblood-sucking individuals, who doesn’t like garlic? Sure, it might do a number on your breath. But what are Tic Tacs for, anyway.

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Go Fig Yourself

By John Salak – Tracking anything back more than 11,000 years is a pretty daunting task. But that’s how long the simple and delicious fig has been domesticated, according to

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Build Your Body’s Defenses

Having a strong immune system has always been a priority for those savvy enough to recognize its importance. It protects your body from harmful substances, germs and cell changes that

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Get Lost Now

The Skinny There is never a shortage of programs, advice, fad diets and unique and, at times, crazy ways to possibly lose weight. Some of these are sound for everyone,

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That’s Sweet

The Skinny Sugar is sweet and so are you. Cute and catchy. Unfortunately, the sweet that comes from refined sugar isn’t always a healthy option, especially for individuals piling it

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