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How Healthy Are You?


Gym man and woman push-up strength pushup with dumbbell in a crossfit workout

Lighten Up with Weights

By John Salak — Mention weight loss and exercise and most people think aerobics—running, biking, rowing—basically sweating. There’s a lot of validity in the notion as these high-intensity workouts can

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Weight gain produces feelings of despondency and low self-worth among middle-aged men.

The Mind’s Weight Matters

By John Salak – Weight gain for middle-aged men is obviously not all in their minds, but that doesn’t mean adding pounds doesn’t play on their psyches. The extra girth men

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WellWell lists nine heart-loving actions

Have A Heart?

The Skinny  Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States among men, women and most racial and ethnic groups full stop. In fact, the Centers For

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obesity issues have hit our pooches and lifespans are about 2.5 years shorter

Pooches Are Porking Out

Now, it’s getting really ugly. Unless someone has been living under a rock or perhaps a pile of chili cheese dogs, it’s hard not to notice that obesity has reached

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Intermittent fasting is popular among dieters to drop extra pounds

Yes, So Fast

By John Salak – Move over ketogenic and high-fat diets, intermittent fasting is all the rage for those looking to drop physical baggage, maybe detox a bit, gain energy and generally improve their long-term

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