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These Rewards Are Bananas

Peeling Back The Fruit’s Benefits

By Sean Zucker –

Bananas. Mario loves to throw them, and Gwen Stefani loves to sing it. But more than anything, humans should be eating them. While that may seem obvious and all too similar to your doctor’s advice, the classic fruit offers much more than doc is leading on.

To start with the obvious, bananas are, of course, one of if not the best source of natural potassium. One banana contains 450 milligrams of potassium, roughly 10 percent of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI), according The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). There’s a reason doctors harp on eating an adequate amount of potassium as it’s responsible for the proper functioning of nerves and contracting of muscles, while also helping to move nutrients into cells and waste products out of cells. However, possibly most crucial, is potassium’s ability to help maintain a healthy regular heartbeat. Highlighting bananas truest claim to fame—lowering blood pressure.

The American Heart Association, in fact, lists bananas as one of the most effective foods to consume when attempting to lower blood pressure, noting its levels of potassium as the key resource. The potassium in bananas has the ability to offset some of sodium’s harmful effect on blood pressure making it easier to control. That being said, the AHA does warn that similar to the high blood it controls, too much potassium can be quite harmful. Though it would likely entail indulging in several bananas a day to get there, stomach sickness, low, weak or irregular pulse and fainting are symptoms to monitor if suspicions arise that someone’s potassium levels are too high.

The second hit of banana’s beneficial one-two punch – digestion. This is largely due to its fiber intake, as the classic fruit includes over 3 grams of fiber. While, the FDA lists 28 grams as the RDI of fiber, one banana will get you over 10 percent there. Additionally, one banana features nearly 1.5 grams of protein, which is known to do wonders for digestion.

Beyond its chemical makeup, Health notes that bananas are one of the absolute best foods to consume when attempting to lose weight. The magazine accentuates bananas’ faculty as a provider of resistant starch. Human bodies digest resistant starch slowly, helping an individual feel full longer. It also helps encourage the liver to switch to fat-burning mode, therefor burning fat quicker.

Earlier this year, Men’s Health cited another reason men should consider eating bananas, It identified them  as one of the best foods to consume to battle erectile dysfunction. The magazine claims the famously phallic fruit is a great tool in helping men obtain and maintain erections. And this isn’t based on image alone, the science tracks it. As previously mentioned, bananas are uber efficient in aiding heart health and blood circulation, while also helping lowering blood pressure. What are three of the most crucial aspects to healthy erections? Heart health, blood flow and blood pressure.

So, listen to the doctors and peel back a banana. Just about every part of your body will thank you.





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